St. Gregory the Great Church Parish Ministries

St. Gregory the Great Church sponsors several different Parish ministries which seek to provide for the liturgical, spiritual, educational, social and service needs of its parishioners. Click on the link to find a listing and description of all of our Parish ministries along with the name of a contact person for each ministry. Consider sharing your time and talent with our Parish.



JUDY NOCEK - 773-271-2528

The Parish Pastoral Council helps the Pastor develop a mission statement and vision for the parish and plan programs which will promote the growth and development of the parish and its parishioners. Members of the Parish Pastoral Council are appointed by the Pastor who seeks to have all groups within the parish represented on the council. Meetings are held at 7:00p.m. in the Parish Center on the first Monday of every month except July.


MARK SOEHN - 630-279-4949

The Parish Finance Council provides support and feedback to the Pastor on issues related to the finances and the maintenance of the physical plant of the parish. Members help prepare the parish operating budget, communicate an annual financial report to the parish, and develop and oversee the budgets and fund raising activities of the parish. Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 7p.m. in the Parish Center except December.


FR. PAUL WACHDORF - 773-561-3546

This ministry consists of a group of parishioners who volunteer to spend one hour in Church in prayer on the First Friday of every month before the Blessed Sacrament. The Blessed Sacrament is available for adoration from 9a.m. until 10a.m. Eucharistic Adoration ends at 10a.m. with Benediction.


CHERI DAHLEN - 773-561-3546

The St. Gregory the Great Parish Choir contributes to the spiritual enrichment of our worshiping community by providing a wide variety of music at the 10:30a.m. Sunday Mass and at special Masses and services during the year. The Parish Choir serves from September through May. Rehearsals are typically held on Thursdays from 7-9p.m. and at 9:45a.m. on Sunday before the 10:30a.m. Mass.


FR. BRIAN FISCHER - 773-561-3546 AND EUNICE DANIELS - 773-275-7979

Altar Servers serve at the 4:30p.m. Mass on Saturday and at the 8:30 and 10:30a.m. Masses on Sunday. They usually serve once or twice a month. Altar Servers must be at least in grade 3 and be willing to attend a training session. Adult Altar Servers are also most welcome. Altar Servers are asked to arrive in Church fifteen minutes before the Mass begins.


JIM MUSS - 773-784-5566

Bingo provides weekly volunteer opportunities for members of our parish and local community. Bingo is the largest of our parish fund raising activities, and the proceeds from Bingo help to support the many ministries of our parish. Volunteers are needed to work in the concession stand, to sell Bingo cards, to sell pull tabs, and to call the Bingo numbers. Bingo takes place every Tuesday night at 7p.m. in the Social Hall of the Gym – 1609 W. Gregory St.


KERI GODON - 773-727-5357

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is a new ministry at St. Gregory the Great Church. It is an approach to the religious formation of children that is rooted in holy scripture, the liturgy of the Catholic Church, and the self-teaching educational principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. This method of nurturing the faith life of children grew from children themselves. There are three levels. The Level One Atrium is geared towards children from 3-6 years old. The Level Two Atrium is geared towards children 6-9 years old. The Level Three Atrium is geared towards children 9-12 years old. The CGS Atrium supports the mission of St. Gregory the Great Church by allowing children the opportunity to spend time with Jesus the Good Shepherd and be led by the Holy Spirit as they grow in their faith.


JORGE & GLORIA LIMOS - 773-769-0252

The Charismatic Prayer Community is a group of people who gather weekly to deepen their relationship with the Holy Spirit through song, prayer, praise, and Bible reading. Meetings are held on Sundays from 5-7:30p.m. in the Baseheart Room of the Gym and in member’s homes on Wednesdays from 7-9p.m. This group also sponsors two Life in the Spirit Renewal Days which meet on a Saturday morning and afternoon in the High School Cafeteria in the Fall and the Spring.


ELIZABETH BLANKE – 312-523-8303 OR

The goal of this group is to provide young children, primarily those 3-6 years old, the opportunity the experience the Liturgy of the Word at Mass in age appropriate, creative and engaging ways. Children are invited to go to the Chapel of Consolation located on the second floor, Northeast corner of the Church after the opening prayer to experience the Scriptures. They return after the General Intercessions


PARISH CENTER - 773-561-3546

St. Gregory the Great Parish regularly hosts a Coffee & social in the High School Cafeteria after the 8:30a.m. and 10:30a.m. Masses. Various Parish ministries host these socials which give our parishioners an opportunity to meet and greet one another and to find out more about our many Parish ministries. Any Parish ministry interested in hosting a Coffee & should call the Parish Center at 773-561-3546 and talk to Bernadette Daniels.


FR. PAUL WACHDORF - 773-561-3546

This committee was formed after the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report about clergy sexual misconduct with minors. It meets on a regular basis to provide parishioners with information about what the Church in Chicago is doing to protect children and youth, to list resources that are available to help heal the victims of sexual misconduct by priests and information about how to report instances of sexual misconduct to civil authorities and to Church, and to make available pertinent articles and updates related to what the universal Church and the Church in the United States are doing to protect children and youth. The committee has placed on our parish website two new links under the About Us pull down menu entitled Clergy Sexual Misconduct - Resources and Clergy Sexual Misconduct - Articles.


FR. BRIAN FISCHER -773-561-3546

Eucharistic Ministers of Communion assist the priest with the  distribution of the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus during the Communion rite at the weekend Masses. They usually serve at one weekend Mass per month. They are asked to attend an initial training session.


FR. PAUL WACHDORF – 773-561-3546

In our Catholic tradition, we highlight three transcendental virtues – truth, goodness and beauty. Our Evangelization Through the Arts Committee meets once a month and seeks to provide opportunities through which people can encounter God through experiences of beauty, in particular through the arts – music and choral singing, art, icons, poetry and literature and through tours of our beautiful Church.


BUTCH ODULIO – 773-561-3546

The Filipinos of St. Gregory engage in spiritual and social activities geared towards the preservation of the Filipino religious and cultural heritage. Activities include Simbang Gabi, Santa Cruzan, and an annual picnic. Membership is open to all members of the Parish. Officers meet monthly to discuss programming activities. Every year they make a donation to the Parish to be used where it is most needed. 


FR. PAUL WACHDORF -773-561-3546

On Easter Sunday, 2018, St. Gregory the Great initiated a new ministry of greeters. Currently there are three greeters at the 10:30a.m. Mass on Sunday. They greet and welcome everyone who comes to Church, especially newcomers and visitors to St. Gregory the Great Church. They are available to respond to questions or suggestions that people might have. They usually serve at one weekend Mass per month. They are asked to attend an initial training session.


TERRI BARKER – 773-231-3708

The Friendship Club is a group of senior citizens who meet monthly  for the purpose of food, fellowship and entertainment. Membership is open to all senior citizens who need not be Catholic or members of the Parish. Meetings which include lunch are held on the second Wednesday of each month from 12:00p.m. until 3:00p.m. in the Baseheart room in the Parish Gymnasium building.


JON HAGEMAN – 773 - 517-4853

The men’s Scripture Reflection group meets on Saturday mornings in the Parish Center from 9:15-10:30a.m. to read and reflect on the Sunday readings for that week. All men are welcome.


MARIANNE LEE – 773-480-6605 -  FR. PAUL WACHDORF – 773-561-3546

Ministry of Care to the Sick and Homebound is a group of trained volunteers who bring Communion to parishioners who are unable to worship at Mass. Ministers visit parishioners in their homes, in hospitals, and in nursing homes. They visit as their schedules permit


FR. BRIAN FISCHER - 773-561-3546

Ministers of the Word (Lectors) proclaim the first and second readings at the weekend Masses and read the General Intercessions. Lectors serve at one weekend Mass per month. They are asked to attend an initial training session


JACOB KREINER– 773-561-3546

Twice a year in January and in July, St. Gregory the Great hosts a Lifesource Blood Drive. It takes place on a Sunday morning in the High School cafeteria. Volunteers are needed to help organize, set up, greet and process blood donors and clean up afterwards.


PARISH CENTER - 773-561-3546

Every Fall St. Gregory the Great Parish hosts a luncheon on a Sunday in the High School cafeteria to thank all of the many parishioners who volunteer their time and talent during the year. During all the Masses for that weekend, all parish volunteers are invited to come forward to receive a special blessing.


PARISH CENTER - 773-561-3546

Every Fall St. Gregory the Great Parish hosts a luncheon on a Sunday in the High School Cafeteria for all new families and individuals who have moved into the Parish during the previous year. Newcomers to the Parish are given the opportunity to meet the Parish staff, to find out more about the Parish and its many ministries, and to take a tour of our Church Beautiful. The Parish Staff hosts these luncheons. Please contact Bernadette Daniels at the Parish Center for more information.


SR. REGINA DE VITTO—773-561-3546

This ministry prepares adults and children over the age of 7 for Baptism and/or entrance into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. It is also open to baptized Catholics who wish to deepen their knowledge of the teachings and traditions of our Catholic faith. Volunteers act as catechists and sponsors and assist with hospitality. Adult meetings are held in the Parish Center beginning in September and ending with the Feast of Pentecost. Children are prepared through the Saturday School of Religion.


DAN CREED - 773-561-3546

The sacristan comes one day a week and attends to the cleanliness and to the art and environment of the Church. The sacristan orders wine, hosts, candles and other liturgical items that are used for our Eucharistic liturgies, coordinates decorating the Church at Christmas and Easter, facilitates the laundering of the cassocks and surpluses used by the altar servers as well as the albs used by the priests and makes available the envelopes that are used for special collections. Volunteers are needed to help with laundry and with the cleaning and decorating of the Church at Christmas and Easter.


SR. REGINA DE VITTO - 773-561-3546

The Saturday School of Religion provides volunteers with an opportunity to serve as Catechists to children in grades 1 through 8. They seek to teach their students the basics of our Catholic faith, to prepare them to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation, and to encourage them to practice their faith in an active, conscious, and mature way. Volunteers are also needed as teacher and staff aides. Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10-Noon. September through May in the Gym Building – 1609 W. Gregory.



In August, St. Gregory the Great hosts a golf outing and luncheon that seeks to raise funds for our Helping Hands outreach to parishioners and to people in the neighborhood who are experiencing financial need. Volunteers are needed to help organize and facilitate the golf outing and the luncheon that follows. This annual event, originally organized by Sr. Barbara Quinn, is an important fundraiser for our Helping Hands ministry.


CHRISTOPHER GRANT - 773-561-5493

The St. Gregory the Great Credit Union offers savings and loan plans to Parish members and the surrounding community. Volunteers serve weekly in operational activities assisting members in meeting their financial needs. Volunteers are also needed to serve on the Credit Union Board. The Credit Union is located on the first floor of the gym and is open every Wednesday from 7-9p.m. and every Sunday from 9:30a.m. until noon.


JENNIFER SHERRILL - 630-935-5366

The St. Gregory Singers are a group of young voices who come together to bring music to St. Gregory the Great Parish and to our Andersonville community. They meet every Sunday to rehearse from 11:45a.m-1p.m. in the choir loft of Church. They are open to anyone from 6-18 years old. St. Gregory Singers work together on basic music theory, exploring new music, singing for St. Gregory the Great Parish Masses and caroling in the community. Check out their blog at


BARBARA ACKERMANN - 773-561-3546

The mission of our Parish Helping Hands is to help those in need throughout the year who live in our neighborhood. Our volunteers bring emergency food, offer assistance with medical or prescription costs, rent assistance to prevent eviction and help to restore utilities On the last weekend of every month, St. Gregory the Great takes a   collection at all the Masses to support their work. The contact person for Helping Hands is Barbara Ackermann at 773-561-3546


CHERI DAHLEN - 773-561-3546

The St. Joseph Choir is a group of volunteers who sing at funerals celebrated at St. Gregory the Great Parish to offer comfort and support to people who have lost a loved one. Rehearsals are offered as needed during the year.


TOM SULLIVAN - 773-743-1624

Ushers serve the worshipping community at the 4:30p.m. Mass on Saturday and at the 8:30 and 10:30a.m. Masses on Sunday. They greet and welcome parishioners and visitors, distribute worship aids at the beginning of Mass, help with seating, take up the collection, organize the Communion procession, and hand out bulletins at the end of Mass. Ushers usually serve at one specified Mass either on Saturday evening or on Sunday morning.



The Women’s Scripture Reflection group meets weekly to read, reflect, and listen to God’s voice as it is encountered in the scriptures and to share the impact that the Word of God has had on their lives. Meetings are held on Fridays at the Parish Center from 6:30-8p.m.


ELIZABETH BLANKE – 312-523-8303 OR

Do you ever come to the end of a day and feel like you have been drained dry by the work of raising your children? In order to successfully accomplish the daunting tasks presented by our vocation to motherhood, we need to be filled emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. We need to care for ourselves first. The Well Read Mom is here to help. Join with like-minded women who believe in prioritizing leisurely learning. Each month we read a great book from a pre-selected list, and then we gather for snacks and conversation. We would love to have you! Check out to learn more about the mission of the Well Read Mom and see the monthly book picks. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm.


VASHTI EMIGH – 310-994-0198

The goal of this group is to provide opportunities for young adults to  gather together for socialization, for faith formation and for opportunities for service to the Parish or to the neighboring community. The contact person for this group is Susan Boyle, 918-671-8611. You can  leave an e-mail at You can also find out more on Facebook by  searching “St. Gregory the Great Young Adults, Chicago.”


Stewardship Prayer

God ever faithful, Jesus your Son revealed that life’s meaning is found in love and life’s purpose is discovered in service. May your Holy Spirit help us to discern your abundant generosity in our lives. May we heed Christ’s caution that “much will be required of those to whom much has been entrusted.” May our service give you glory and may our stewardship of your gifts bear witness to Christ your son, who is our Lord for ever and ever.