A wider spiritual vision 

The St. Gregory the Great Artists in Residence Program is a unique parish outreach that has become one of the distinguishing hallmarks, not only of our parish ministry, but also of our vision of Church for the local and wider community of faith.

Our program is different from the generally accepted idea of an "artist in residence" in a secular or academic setting. The St. Gregory the Great outreach does not merely celebrate the efforts and talents of the individual artist, but melds those efforts and talents into a wider spiritual vision and mission. We describe this wider spiritual vision and mission as "Evangelization Through the Arts."

Embracing the universal call of all the baptized to evangelize, that is, to bear witness to Christ's gospel, the St. Gregory Program invites individual artists of various disciplines to make the parish a base where their art can not only be created but also shared with the community as a living expression of gospel faith and virtue.

Working with the staff of St. Gregory the Great Church, our "Artists in Residence" seek ways in which their talents may serve the parish mission in various practical ways, as the artists' media and creativity allow. While the St. Gregory the Great Artist in Residence Program is singular in the Archdiocese of Chicago, the spiritual vision behind it aims to serve the Universal Church. Through the talents and generosity of these spiritual and committed artists, the Body of Christ, the Church, is celebrated, and the Kingdom of God is proclaimed.

St. Gregory currently supports Joseph Malham, our iconographer, Amy Alznauer, an author and creative writer, Patrick Godon, Artistic Director for International Chamber Artists ICA) and Jen Sherrill, one of our cantors and the director of our Young Singers choir, as participants in the Artists in Residence Program

For more information or to contact any of our Artists in Residence, please call the Parish Center at 773-561-3546.